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Get ready for Kerry Festival of Pride 2014 coming to you
19th - 25th.

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  • We are delighted to be one of the main sponsors of The Kerry Festival of Pride, we are confident it will be a big success.

    At Avalanche, we think everyone should celebrate their individuality and we applaud the Kerry LGBT Community for organising the festival and look forward to it!
    Aidan O' Carroll Avalanche Aidan O' Carroll, CEO.
  • Dublin Pride are delighted to offer our best wishes and support to Kerry Pride as they launch their first Pride festival on 20th - 26th May. It is wonderful to see a new Pride festival forming to help promote and celebrate equality and social inclusion in Ireland. We wish Kerry Pride every success and a wonderful prosperous future.
    Darren Lamont.
    Dublin Pride
  • In a republic that should cherish all of her children equally, we all have a duty to stand up for equality and allow every citizen to love who they want to love without prejudice or penalty.
    Brendan Griffin
    Kerry South TD
  • Can't wait to come and party with you guys and girls in May, to celebrate your Festival of Pride! It certainly looks like it's shaping up to be a great weekend!
  • May I wish you the very best for the 'Kerry Festival of Pride 2013. I hope it will be a great success.
    Brendan Kennelly
    Kerry's Eye
  • History has shown us that equality has never come easy! By organising a Pride festival in Kerry, we are showing the county that LGBT people are just like everyone else. We bleed, sleep, hurt and most importantly, we love in the exact same way. This festival comes at an important crossroads for the LGBT community. As we inch closer to marriage equality, this festival is an opportunity to show the people of Kerry that we are proud of who we are. That we are engaging in the community and that we are representing Kerry, a great kingdom!
    Shirley Temple Bar
  • We live in exciting times for the LGBT community. Our demands for equality are being heard all around the world and each passing month seems to bring further positive changes. However these changes haven't come easy nor have they come far enough. It's obvious that homophobia and prejudice hasn't gone away but our best weapon against it is making ourselves visible. That's why it is everyone's responsibility to stand up and be counted. Be proud Kerry! And sure while you're at it, have a great party!
    Francis Fitzgibbon
    Newstalk 106-108
  • Grenade are so excited to perform at Kerry's first Pride Festival and as one of the members is from Tralee we are honoured to headline the show. It's a sign that times are definitely changing and it's a huge leap in the right direction.
    Headline Act
  • 'Its fantastic to hear that Kerry is having its first ever Pride festival. Pride is a celebration of the LGBT community but its also about the individual - about them celebrating who they are with their family and friends. This is why its important to have Pride festivals the length and breadth of the country and I have no doubt that Kerry's Pride festival will go from strength to strength. Best wishes to all involved
    John Lyons
  • Congratulations to everyone involved in organising Kerry’s first festival of Pride! Marriage Equality looks forward to taking part in the celebrations. Kerry Festival of Pride is so important as it celebrates the LGBT community and all our friends and families in the county and this year especially there is much to celebrate! Not only did the constitutional convention recommend to Government by a whopping 79% to provide for marriage equality, but Kerry County Council is leading the way in the campaign for equality for same sex couples and our families by passing a motion of support earlier this year. So much achieved but more work to do. So let’s celebrate our achievements together! Best wishes from everyone in Marriage Equality.
    Moninne Griffith
    Marriage Equality
  • “Kerry has always been my 2nd favourite place in the world after Dublin of course but now that Pride has finally made it to the Kingdom… I’m seriously contemplating moving!”

    “The Pride Festival is the one time of the year when our community comes together in a burst of colour to remind the heterosexual community that sexuality is diverse!”

    “For years LGBTQ people from Kerry had to leave their county to embrace their true sexuality and identity. Now that Pride has made it to the kingdom they can do so from the comfort of their home!”